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Restrictions of Motzaei Tisha BAv

What restrictions of Tisha BAv/Nine Days exist after Tisha BAv and until when?

Is a Professional Believed About the Time He Put In

I sent my computer to a technician to repair serious problems. He was unwilling to tell me his charge in advance, claiming it depended on how long it would take him, to which he would not commit. After fixing the computer, he charged me what I consider an exorbitant price. I am not sure I trust him on how much work he put in. Must I pay without making an issue of it?

Buying Land for Shemitta

A group is giving the opportunity to buy agricultural land in Israel for the Shemitta year. Is that worthwhile?

A Loan/Investment that Needs a Heter Iska After Its Inception

I have an ongoing arrangement by which a friend loans me thousands of dollars to use for my business at a fixed rate of interest. I think (but am not sure) that we agreed to have a heter iska (I cant find one), but it is possible it was only agreed orally. Some money has been paid, and some is still owed. What should I do at this point?

A Fading Ketuba

In our ketuba, the witnesses names have faded over the years to the point that they are barely legible. Is this a problem (we got married in Israel, so the Rabbanut has a copy of the ketuba)? Can I (the husband) ask the witnesses to resign their names? If not, what should be done?

Permissibility of a Personal Beracha

I am often overjoyed that Hashem granted me the zechut to live in Israel for many years, causing me to make a spontaneous beracha. A friend told me it is forbidden to compose my own berachot, as one can only use those Chazal composed. Is Judaism not all about thanking Hashem for all the wonders of creations and providence? Would I be precluded from thanking Hashem for something important to me?

Relighting Shabbat Candles that Went Out

Soon after my wife lit Shabbat candles and made a beracha, they went out for no obvious reason. Did she fulfill the mitzva? Should she have relit them (with or without a beracha)?

Children Waiting Between Meat and Milk

I have children of various ages, and it is often difficult to have them wait six hours between meat and milk. Milk is an important part of their diet/lifestyle (including before bed), and eating disorders concern me.

Returning a Lost Item That the Owner Knows About

Neighbors on an upper floor have several little kids who regularly throw toys and even heavy objects onto our ground floor garden. For years we have picked up and returned the items and dealt with a mess, as they have refused to put up screens or come promptly to pick them up. We believe that if we leave the toys, they will change their behavior. Is that permitted?

The Timing on the Beracha on Tzitzit After Being Up All Night

Most people, after learning all night on Shavuot, do not make a separate beracha on their tzitzit but use the beracha on their tallit, when they start davening. Since I do not wear a tallit, should I make a beracha on my tzitzit as soon as it becomes halachically possible?
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