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Buying With Intention to Return

I, an amateur seamstress, liked a dress I saw in a store, but it was too expensive. I wanted to buy it, learn its cut, and then return it, which Israeli law permits within 48 hours of the purchase. May I buy the dress with the intention to return it? (Additional information in any case, I will not buy the dress; the saleswoman is a hired worker, and so neither she nor the owner loses by my actions.)

A Teachers Responsibility for Theft of Phones

In my sons class, a teacher forced the children to put their smartphones in the front of the classroom. On the first day of the policy, one of the phones was stolen. Apparently, the parents are considering demanding that the teacher to pay, and the kids are talking about it. What does halacha say?

Grounds for Cutting Down Fruit Tree

May one cut down a fruit tree in order to make room for improvements to their back yard for recreational purposes such as to put in a pool or a basketball court?

Undoing Mistaken Early Acceptance of Shabbat

After davening at an early Shabbat minyan, I realized that I forgot to deliver a gift to my host (we have no eiruv). Can I undo my acceptance of Shabbat and daven Maariv again after delivering the gift?

Diapers With Disappearing Ink

Is it permitted to use on Shabbat a diaper with forms on the outside that disintegrate when the diaper is soaked, alerting parents to change the diaper?

Mistakes in the Order of Kaddish and Barchu

On Motzaei Shabbat the chazan mistakenly said Kaddish Titkabel (=KT) and Barchu before Vyehi Noam and Kiddusha Dsidra (Vatah Kadosh). After saying those tefillot, he repeated KT and Barchu. Also, one morning a mourner said Barchu after the Kaddish of the Mizmor of the day instead of after Ein Keilokeinu and then repeated it at its normal place. Were these repetitions warranted?

A Mourner Serving as Chatan Torah

Is an avel within 12 months of a parents death allowed to be the chatan Torah on Simchat Torah?

Havadala on Yom Kippur Which Falls on Shabbat

I know that Havdala after Yom Kippur is different than it is on Motzaei Shabbat. How do we treat matters when Yom Kippur falls on Shabbat?

Shortening Blowing of Teruah to Conform to Tekia

The makree (person who supervises) signals me (a baal tokeia) to stop my set of teruot earlier than I want, out of a concern that if I blow more than 9 teruot, the shevarim-teruah may exceed the tekia. I wasnt taught that is a problem. Is it?

Tallit and Tefillin During Selichot

I say selichot before my normal Shacharit minyan. Should I put on my tallit and tefillin before Selichot?
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