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Methods of Receiving Pay for Work on Shabbat

I work at a local shuls youth department on Shabbat. They occasionally have activities during the week (e.g., Purim, Sukkot, Tu BShvat). Some of my co-workers believe that one of the intentions for these activities is to solve the problem of paying us for work on Shabbat (schar Shabbat). I am skeptical for two reasons. First, would that work, considering that there are several months when we get paid without any such activities. Secondly, arent there better solutions than that?

Ranking Mishloach Manot Stringencies

I have heard so many opinions about mishloach manot requirements (enough for a meal, different berachot, cooked food, etc.). Which are necessary?

Women Hearing Parashat Zachor

It is not always easy for me (a woman) to make it to shul to hear Parashat Zachor. How much of an effort must I make?

Standing for Parents in our Times

Most people do not stand up when their parents enter the room. Is this due to the opinion that it is enough to stand for them once in the morning and at night?

Beracha on Pureed Vegetable Soup

I read your recent response about the beracha on the broth of vegetable soup. Is the halacha any different for pureed vegetable soup?

Beracha on a Newly Renovated Home

If I did major renovations in my home, do I recite Shehecheyanu on it?

Using a Shabbat Clock for an Urn

My hot water urn has a Shabbat setting, in which the water is heated at a constant level and the switch for boiling the water is disabled. The socket where I plug it in is on a Shabbat clock that is off at night. When it goes on in the morning, the water that has become cold heats back up. Is that permitted?

Joining Pieces of Dough for Obligation of Hafrashat Challa

If I make cookies and cupcakes one evening, do the different pieces of dough combine to form an amount that obligates hafrashas challa (the removal of a piece to, in theory, be given to a kohen)?

Beracha on Vegetable Soup

What beracha do I make on vegetable soup when I consume just the broth? What beracha do I make on vegetable soup when I consume just the broth?

Immoral Commercial Practices?

I want to ask about two elements of my business venture. 1. Our products have a large profit margin (often five times their cost to us), but this is in accordance with their market price on the US market. 2. Like many others, we use high-pressure sales tactics in our marketing. Are these ethical/halachic problems?
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