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Sharing Kaddish in a Mourners House

I am saying Kaddish and recently went to a shiva house for tefilla. After I said a Kaddish with the aveilim, someone told me only the aveil(im) in shiva may do so in a shiva house. Is he right?

Mothers Name for Prayers for Ill Convert

I asked a friend who needs tefillot for her health what her name is for such purposes, and she answered, Shira bat Avraham Avinu. I knew she was a convert but wondered if this is the correct formula, as usually we use the mothers name.

Taking Over as Chazan after Yishtabach

I was supposed to take over as chazan at Yishtabach, but I absentmindedly said Yishtabach quietly as the previous chazan was finishing Az Yashir. I quickly asked him to say Yishtabach and Chatzi Kaddish, after which I took over. Was this appropriate?

Traveling to a Place without a Sukka

Is it proper to go on a trip to a place where one does not know that he will have access to a sukka?

Does Pruzbol Ruin the Ability to Fulfill Shemittat Kesafim?

My community has a project that in our pruzbol (=prz a mechanism to obviate shemittat kesafim (=sk)), one excludes a loan given through a gemach, upon which we fulfill the mitzva of sk (voiding loans at the end of Shemitta). Why cant the prz apply to everything, and I still fulfill the mitzva by voluntarily waiving my right to payment of the loan of my choice?

Taking Tablets to Aid Fasting

Is it permitted/proper to take pills before Yom Kippur that improve ones fasting on Yom Kippur?

One or Two Breaths?

I will be blowing shofar in an Ashkenazi minyan. What should I be doing about blowing tashrat (tekia-shevarim-teruah-tekia) with neshima achat (=na shevarim and teruah with one breath) or shtei neshimot (= sn a significant break between them)?

Going to and from an Aliya

Can you explain the details of how one should walk to an aliya and how and when he should return?

Fulfilling Parashat Zachor on Ki Teitzei

I heard a chumra that during a leap year, with 13 months between readings of Parashat Zachor, one should have in mind to fulfill the mitzva of zechirat Amalek during the reading of those psukim in Ki Teitzei. Should I do that (shuls do not usually announce it)?

Tasting Meat Liquids

When I cook for Shabbat, I like to taste the chicken soup and gravies to make sure they are properly spiced. Does that make me fleishig?
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