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Washing Hands with Soap on Yom Kippur

Is it permissible to wash ones hands with soap after leaving the toilet on Yom Kippur or only with water?

Hatarat Nedarim by Skype

Around the time of Rosh Hashana, I will not be in the proximity of people who can do Hatarat Nedarim for me. Can I do it via Skype?

Indirect Fire Damage

We went away and lent out our apartment for Shabbat. Due to the guests gross negligence, a fire broke out that caused significant damage. Our sefarim were actually more damaged from water than fire/smoke, as I will explain. Good-hearted people (=sprayers) sprayed down the sefarim with water in a way that may have been unnecessary. I will not make claims against them, but can I demand that the guests pay for water damage they did not do? (They feel very bad and, despite not being rich, want to pay everything they should.)

How Can We Say Things of Minhag Before Kiddush?

The Tur, Shulchan Aruch, Gra, Pri Megadim, etc. (Orach Chayim 271) all mention the need to rush to make Kiddush and eat as soon as Shabbat commences. Yet, I have never seen a household that doesn't first sing Shalom Aleichem (which contains problematic elements) and Eishet Chayil. Also, making Kiddush is a mitzva (doraita, for those who did not daven Maariv, and drabbanan for those who did) while the singing is just a very nice (recent) minhag. Since when does a minhag take precedence over a mitzva?! Shouldn't we make Kiddush (and Hamotzi) first?

Who Drinks Kiddush/Havdala Wine and Why?

Why is it that after Kiddush everyone drinks the Kiddush wine and after Havdala only the mavdil does?

Listening to Laining During Shemoneh Esrei

If a person comes late to davening, is he allowed to continue with Shemoneh Esrei during Kriat Hatorah (=laining). Does it make a difference if zman tefilla is coming soon?

Eating Questionably Reheated Kugel

Before our shul Kiddush, gabbaim noticed the hot plate (for kugel) was unplugged, so they had a non-Jew connect it (I dont know what they told him). I ate the kugel only after it cooled down. Was that necessary/allowed?

A Lawyers Obligation to Get Involved in Sticky Cases

I am a lawyer. A potential client asked me to help sue someone who is known to be part of the underworld. Should I agree based on the commandment of lo taguru (Do not be afraid of a man - Devarim 1:17), or is it okay for me to pass?

Tisha Bav Pushed Off till Sunday

What is done differently this year with Tisha Bav falling on Shabbat and being pushed off to Sunday?

Protecting Sefarim But Aiding Terrorists

I read a news report that ISIS has looted rare Jewish artifacts, such as old scrolls of various sefarim, to help finance their operations. Is appropriate to save the sefarim, or is it forbidden to support ISIS?
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