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Counting Sefira with a Beracha When One Expects to Miss a Day

I rarely succeed in counting all 49 days of sefirat haomer. Considering that I seem to always discontinue making a beracha at some point, should I refrain from making one from the outset?

Siyum Participation Via Skype

I will be in a small Jewish community in which there will not be a siyum on Erev Pesach. Is it permitted for me (a bechor) to eat based on a siyum in which I participate via Skype?

Checking Books for Chametz

Do ones books need to be checked for chametz or sold before Pesach?

Waking Up on a Plane to Daven

I will be on a trans-Atlantic overnight flight travelling east, so that during the time people normally sleep, the time for Shacharit will pass quickly. Is it necessary to get up, or do we say that one who is sleeping is exempt from mitzvot?

Cosmetic Surgery

What does halacha have to say about cosmetic surgery?

Purim in Transit

I plan to fly from New York during the night of Purim (after Megilla reading) and arrive in Jerusalem in the afternoon. Would I have to hear Megillat Esther in Yerushalayim before the end of the 14th of Adar, or is it enough that I will hear it there on the 15th?

Use of Food from School Events

My yeshiva entrusted me (a kollel student) to arrange an oneg Shabbat for the talmidim. I was to responsibly buy refreshments and be reimbursed based on receipts. There is a significant amount of leftover food, some of it in open packages and some untouched. Can I or other participants use that food, or should I give it to the yeshiva. If keep it, may I ask full reimbursement of the purchases?

A Yad in the Bathroom

I have a yad (pointer) for a sefer Torah which is a family heirloom. When I lain, I like to use it, so I stick it in my pocket and bring it with me. While it is in my pocket, can I enter a bathroom?

Folding Over a Page in a Book

Is it permitted to fold the page of a book on Shabbat so that I will be able to find the page I left off on?

Lack of Unity in Unified Minyan

Occasionally, I join an ad hoc minyan of 10-12 men for weekday Mincha, in which whoever leads chooses the nusach. Several participants start Tachanun even as a Nusach Sephard chazan is leading Viduy andYud Gimmel Middot (=YGM). Are the following a problem: 1) A noticeable lack of uniformity? 2) The need for a minyan to recite YGM? If there is a problem, does it justify saying something?
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