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Conflict Between Salvation Day and Yahrtzeit

For many years, I have been celebrating a day on which I had a significant salvation. It now turns out it that it is my fathers yahrtzeit. Can the two commemorations go hand-in-hand? If not, which has precedence? Follow-up Question: What have you been doing until now, and what has changed? Clarification: Since my father died seven years ago, I have been lighting a candle, learning mishnayot, and saying Kaddish, along with thinking about him a lot, on the yahrtzeit. Recently I realized that I miscalculated the Jewish date of the salvation; the true date falls on the yahrtzeit.

Working in a Non-Kosher Establishment

Is it permitted for a religious Jew to work (e.g., as a waiter) in a non-kosher restaurant or café where most of the food is not kosher?

Disposing of Old Netilat Yadayim Cups

I have plastic cups that we had used for netilat yadayim and negel vaser but no longer need. Should I put them in geniza, just keep them, or dispose of them, and how?

Special Halachot of Motzaei Shabbat Kiddush/Havdala

Please review the unique halachot of Kiddush of Shavuot night that falls on Motzaei Shabbat.

Making Food in Fleishig Pot to Transfer into Other Utensils

Sometimes I want to make a big pareve vegetable soup in a meat pot (my largest) and later put some of it in milchig or pareve pots or bowls. Is this permissible?

Does Acknowledging Lag Baomer Count as Counting?

If one mentions, before counting omer, that Tonight is Lag Baomer (= the statement), can he subsequently count with a beracha?

Hamapil for Those Who Go to Sleep Before Dark

Do people who go to sleep before nightfall (e.g., night shift workers, the old and ill during the summer) recite Hamapil before going to sleep?

Stealing by Accident?

If one accidentally took and used a friends similar coat, is he considered a ganav (thief)? Is he obligated to pay kefel (double)? Must he pay the owner if something happens to it (onsin)? [The querier then presented sources he found about geneiva bshogeg (unintentional theft).] How can there be geneiva bshogeg considering one needs intention to acquire something?

The Need for a Mechitza Without a Minyan

Is there a need for a mechitza between men and women when there is no minyan?

Hachnasat Sefer Torah on Chol Hamoed

I have strong reasons to make a hachnasat sefer Torah on Chol Hamoed. Is it permitted to do so?
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