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Listening to Laining During Shemoneh Esrei

If a person comes late to davening, is he allowed to continue with Shemoneh Esrei during Kriat Hatorah (=laining). Does it make a difference if zman tefilla is coming soon?

Eating Questionably Reheated Kugel

Before our shul Kiddush, gabbaim noticed the hot plate (for kugel) was unplugged, so they had a non-Jew connect it (I dont know what they told him). I ate the kugel only after it cooled down. Was that necessary/allowed?

A Lawyers Obligation to Get Involved in Sticky Cases

I am a lawyer. A potential client asked me to help sue someone who is known to be part of the underworld. Should I agree based on the commandment of lo taguru (Do not be afraid of a man - Devarim 1:17), or is it okay for me to pass?

Tisha Bav Pushed Off till Sunday

What is done differently this year with Tisha Bav falling on Shabbat and being pushed off to Sunday?

Protecting Sefarim But Aiding Terrorists

I read a news report that ISIS has looted rare Jewish artifacts, such as old scrolls of various sefarim, to help finance their operations. Is appropriate to save the sefarim, or is it forbidden to support ISIS?

Requirement for the Seller to Fix the Situation

I bought an apartment from the projects developers brother. My lawyer did not discover that the projects building permits were incomplete. Now, the municipality is making noise about kicking out the residents and/or allowing us to stay with limitations. I have tried to smooth things with the municipality but have not yet succeeded. The developer has the best chance of getting the municipality to complete the permit after the fact, and the seller, who admits he did not tell me of the problem, can make him to do it. The seller says that it is uncertain that anyone can get the permits, but that if people act wisely, the municipality will not evict us. (He points out that he still has an apartment in the project, and many who knew of the problem bought). He is willing to buy back the apartment but not take action. Can I force him to fix the situation?

Stopping to Rent Out to a Shul

I own a property that I have been renting out to a shul for years, but now I want to sell it. The members of the shul say I have no right to do it because my sale will effectively close down the shul, which is forbidden, so I must continue the rental. Are they correct?

Sharing Surprising Grounds for Leniency

A couple of times recently, I have been troubled by your columns, in which you entertain leniencies that I view as dangerous or against the spirit of halacha. Although you acknowledge that such leniency is only for great need, since those cases are rare, isnt it wrong to share this with a broad readership, which includes people who might misunderstand or abuse the grounds for leniency? In one such column, you discussed the possibility of serving food in a non-kosher establishment, which is at least pas nisht (inappropriate).

Preference of Davening in a Shul

Is there a preference of davening in a beit knesset as opposed to a house-minyan? Does it matter if the place is not an actual shul but consistently hosts a minyan?

Conflict Between Salvation Day and Yahrtzeit

For many years, I have been celebrating a day on which I had a significant salvation. It now turns out it that it is my fathers yahrtzeit. Can the two commemorations go hand-in-hand? If not, which has precedence? Follow-up Question: What have you been doing until now, and what has changed? Clarification: Since my father died seven years ago, I have been lighting a candle, learning mishnayot, and saying Kaddish, along with thinking about him a lot, on the yahrtzeit. Recently I realized that I miscalculated the Jewish date of the salvation; the true date falls on the yahrtzeit.
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