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Beracha on Pureed Vegetable Soup

I read your recent response about the beracha on the broth of vegetable soup. Is the halacha any different for pureed vegetable soup?

Beracha on a Newly Renovated Home

If I did major renovations in my home, do I recite Shehecheyanu on it?

Using a Shabbat Clock for an Urn

My hot water urn has a Shabbat setting, in which the water is heated at a constant level and the switch for boiling the water is disabled. The socket where I plug it in is on a Shabbat clock that is off at night. When it goes on in the morning, the water that has become cold heats back up. Is that permitted?

Joining Pieces of Dough for Obligation of Hafrashat Challa

If I make cookies and cupcakes one evening, do the different pieces of dough combine to form an amount that obligates hafrashas challa (the removal of a piece to, in theory, be given to a kohen)?

Beracha on Vegetable Soup

What beracha do I make on vegetable soup when I consume just the broth? What beracha do I make on vegetable soup when I consume just the broth?

Immoral Commercial Practices?

I want to ask about two elements of my business venture. 1. Our products have a large profit margin (often five times their cost to us), but this is in accordance with their market price on the US market. 2. Like many others, we use high-pressure sales tactics in our marketing. Are these ethical/halachic problems?

Raising Charitable Funds on Shabbat

I am one of the organizers of a charity that provides free transportation for a broad spectrum of underprivileged New Yorkers. May I try to drum up support for it among fellow Jews I see on Shabbat?

Paying a Poor Persons Guaranteed Loan from Maaser Money

My shul has a gemach, which gives loans only with an arev (guarantor). One borrower (Reuven) came into serious financial and medical problems some time after the loan. Realizing that he was not going be able to pay, some friends decided to pay the loan for him, and they want to use for this purpose their maaser kesafim money (a personal tzedaka fund, consisting of a tenth of ones income). The question arose: since the arev (Shimon) will have to pay, given that the borrower cannot, and the arev is not poor, the donors are actually not sparing the poor but the rich, and therefore can maaser money be used?

Chanuka Candles and Havdala Which Comes First?

I never got a clear answer as to whether, on Motzaei Shabbat, we light Chanuka candles before or after Havdala. Can you clarify the matter?

Melaveh Malka for Women

My husband is careful to have a melaveh malka that includes bread and meat. I do not have at all. Should there be a difference between men and women on the matter?
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