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Walking in Israel

What are the parameters of the idea that every 4 amot one walks in Eretz Yisrael is a mitzva? Is it only to new places? Does one have to walk on foot?

The Nature of the Fulfillment of the Mitzva of Mezuza

I will be moving into a home that already has mezuzot. If I just leave them there, do I fulfill the mitzva of mezuza, or must I remove and/or replace them? In general, when/how does one fulfill the mitzva: by affixing them, by having them in the house, by kissing them, or by thinking about them?

Tying Up the Arba Minim on Yom Tov

Last year, I forgot to prepare the arbaa minim before Yom Tov and just put them in the koysheklach without tying anything. If this happens again, what can and should I do to prepare them on Yom Tov?

Tosefet Yom Kippur

When and how should one accept Yom Kippur?

Giving an Envelope on Shabbat to Use for Donations

It is the practice in some shuls to give a self-addressed envelope to one who gets an aliya to mail his pledge after Shabbat. Is the envelope muktzeh?

Interrupting the Meal to Recite Kriat Shema

When I make Shabbat early, I make a break in the meal to recite Kriat Shema when its time comes. Recently, a guest told me that this is not only unnecessary but one is called a hedyot (a moderately derogatory term) for doing so. Should I change my practice?

Lateral Position of Tefillin Shel Rosh part II

Must the tefillin shel rosh be exactly in the middle of the head, to the extent that some people spend several seconds fixing it in front of a mirror?

Lateral Position of Tefillin Shel Rosh part I

Must the tefillin shel rosh be exactly in the middle of the head, to the extent that some people spend several seconds adjusting it in front of a mirror?

Backing Out of a Bad Purchase a Little Late?

[Adapted from part of a din Torah.] Reuven sold his car to Shimon (who paid immediately) and was to give the car to Shimon a week later. When Shimon received the car, the air conditioning was not working. Reuven apologized and said that his garage had promised to fix it already and that they would do so within a few days. Shimon wanted to back out, but Reuven refused to return the money, and they started exploring dispute resolution venues. In the meantime, Shimon used the car. After 16 days and aggravation for Shimon, it was fixed. Even though the car now works well enough, Shimon still wants his money back. Does he have a right?

Zimun for a Sephardi, an Ashkenazi, and a Katan

I am Ashkenazi. I was eating with a Sephardi and a katan (under bar mitzva). Were we supposed to do a zimun?
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