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The Son of a Convert Feeling Looked Down Upon

My father converted (his mother was not Jewish). I have struggled with my identity due to what I have read in the Kuzari, Maharal and Kabbalistic and Chassidic works, which seem to view gerim as lesser than born Jews. Does Judaism view someone like me as somewhat defective?

Backing Out of an Oral Offer to a Potential Worker

I needed work done on my house only part of the job acutely. I contacted Reuven, who came recommended; he quoted a high price. Because of the acute need, I agreed without shopping around. When he said he could only come a week later, I found Shimon to do the first part of the job. (It is not clear to me if Reuven now expects to do the rest of the job.). Shimon told me that Reuven charged much too much and offered to do the remaining part for half of Reuvens quote. Do I have a halachic or moral obligation to use Reuven?

When to Say Yehiyu Lratzon

Does Yehiyu Lratzon (=YL) come before or after Elokai Netzor (=EN) and/or personal requests at the end of Shemoneh Esrei (=SE)?

Davening for a Friend on Shabbat

I regularly daven that my friend will find a shidduch. May I do so, mentioning her name, on Shabbat?

Taking Out a Sefer Torah for a Child to See

Taking Out a Sefer Torah for a Child to See

Simchat Torah for those Not Completing the Torah Reading

Hopefully, I/we will be able to make it to shul for Simchat Torah (=ST), but I and many others will not be finishing up the Torah reading, as we missed a few weeks when our shul was closed. Does this effect our ability to celebrate ST, halachically or experientially?

Corona Policies and Clarifications for Yom Kippur

We will review some practical issues for Yom Kippur that are likely to come up this year, in the shadow of Corona. Although local rabbis will address many of them and public policy may change, we assume our discussion will be helpful.

100 Blasts for the Homebound

Because I am in the at-risk population, I will not go to shul for Rosh Hashana. I know how to blow shofar. Should I blow for myself 30 kolot, as is usually done for those who cannot make it to shul, or is it better to do 100? If the latter, should I do 31-60 during Mussaf and the rest later, or all later?

Backing Out of a Pledge to a Jewish School

May one to decide not to go through with his donation pledge to a Jewish school? If so, must he take steps such as hatarat nedarim?

Trapping and Releasing on Shabbat

A couple of weeks ago, we saw a mouse in the house and put out a cage trap. A mouse was trapped last Shabbat. Because we felt bad for the mouse, we took it (on Shabbat) to an isolated area and let it out. Did we violate anything by trapping the mouse on Shabbat, or by letting it out (like some melachot that come in pairs, like tying and untying)? Was the cage muktzeh and, if yes, did tzaar baalei chayim justify taking it out?
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