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Hearing the Megilla for Those Who Cannot Go to Shul

If one who is not a baal koreh cannot make it to shul to hear Megillat Esther (e.g., if the pandemic will preclude one from coming), how else can he fulfill the mitzva of hearing it?

Workplace Requirement for Vaccination

[This question was sent by a European rabbi.] A business owner demands that his employees be vaccinated against Corona due to the type of work done and makes them sign a waiver of claims for damages stemming from the vaccine. Can an employer make such a demand and transfer risk to a reluctant employee?

Challot on the Table for Kiddush

We like to keep our challot in a warm place until bringing them to the table after netilat yadayim so they taste their best. Must they be on the table during Kiddush?

Borer on Plates

We set our Shabbat table with a larger "charger" plate under the main plate. At the end of the meal, we clear off the dirty dishes and leave the charger plates. Is there a problem with borer (selecting)?

Behavior during Kedusha of Street Minyanim

My neighborhood is filled with outdoor Covid 19 minyanim. I was walking down the street on Shabbat and a minyan across the street was in the middle of Kedusha. In such cases, do I need to stop, keep my feet together, and respond to Kedusha until they are done, or may I continue walking?

Is a Second Netilat Yadayim Necessary?

If one does netilat yadayim (=ny) before eating rinsed fruit (without a beracha), and then decides to eat bread, should he wash again, with a beracha?

Is Rounding Up Ribbit?

I was told that the "Paybox" app that allows sending money enables payments only of full shekalim. So when my wife and many others use it to repay a friend who bought something at the grocery that has an agurot element, they must round the numbers. Is rounding up a problem of ribbit?

Eat Meat on Shabbat when it Bothers his Wife?

My wife and I are relatively newly married. I am used to having fleishig Shabbat meals, whereas my wife is disgusted by meat (including poultry, mainly by the smell). Is it right for us to stop having meat at Shabbat/Yom Tov meals or should we try to figure out an arrangement that my wife can live with?

Finding Out Late about the Presence of a Kohen or Levi

As a gabbai, sometimes I do not realize either that a kohen is present and I give the first aliya to a non-kohen, or that a levi is present and I give the second aliya to the kohen. What do we do when this is discovered?

Davening Outside with Gloves

I daven in an outdoor minyan due to Corona. Is it permitted to wear gloves while davening in cold temperatures?
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