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How to Detemine when Paying on Time Is

I live in New York, but often people in Israel do work for me, which they send me via computer. How do I calculate my deadline to pay them and fulfill the mitzva to pay on time based on my time-zone or my workers?

Women Passing through an Outdoor Minyan

We have an outdoor Corona minyan outside the entrance of my building. Some men stand in locations that make it impossible to enter or exit the building without entering someones four amot. I (a woman) avoid passing by during davening, but to take my son to his school van, I go before Shemoneh Esrei. Last week, I felt compelled to pass by during Shemoneh Esrei and return during chazarat hashatz. Was that permissible?

How Does the Chazan Act During Modim DRabbanan?

I have seen some chazanim wait, during their Modim, at lolam vaed for the tzibbur to finish Modim DRabanan. That seems to make the most sense, so everyone can hear all of Modim. Should everyone be doing that?

Is Raw Spaghetti Muktzeh?

An open package of spaghetti fell out of the closet, with its contents spilling on the counter and floor. I swept up what was on the floor but left the spaghetti on the counter, as I was unsure if it was muktzeh. One of my boys noshed on some of it. Was he allowed to eat it or was it muktzeh?

Touching Torah Scrolls

I know that people are careful not to touch the parchment of a sefer Torah. Does this apply to other scrolls, like haftara scrolls and Megillat Esther?

Moving into a Home during the Nine Days

We sold our home and have been renting because construction on our new apartment is not complete. Now, it is basically ready, but lacks a Tofes 4 (municipal permission to inhabit). If we get the Tofes 4 during the Nine Days, is it permitted to move in then?

Geniza for Parts of a Pasuk

I received a bar mitzva invitation containing the words Vayehi David maskil (in Hebrew). Since this is part of a pasuk, does the invitation require geniza? (This phenomenon exists in various contexts, so please broaden the picture.)

Pressure to Include Second Storage Room

[Summary after back and forth]: I bought an apartment from Shimon. We came to a basic agreement on terms in early October. It was important to Shimon to finish by months end; our lawyers were working on loose ends throughout Oct. I was interested in Shimon throwing in his spare storage room in the building, but, for a technical reason, I did not initially raise my request. In the meantime, I was getting cold feet due to the high price and decided that I would buy the apartment only if the room was included at the same price. When I raised it, near the end of Oct., Shimon refused, but when he saw I was serious about backing out, he gave in. We will be closing soon, and Shimon has complained that he gave in only because I put unfair pressure on him. I want to do the right thing. Did I violate lo tachmod (coveting a friends property), and should I therefore forgo the room?

Salad at Meat and Milk Meals

Sometimes I serve the same salad at a fleishig meal and again at a milchig meal. My daughter told me that her friends family does not do that. Is it okay?

Removing Hair from a Necklace

Is it permitted to remove loose hair on Shabbat, which usually includes ripping it, that has gotten stuck in a necklace?
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