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Psak Halacha during a Modern Pandemic Interim View

My own question: What observations can we make about the way halachic rulings were made and disseminated during the first stage of the coronavirus crisis?

Which Way to Turn at Boi Bshalom

In what direction should one turn when getting up to Boi Bshalom at the end of Lecha Dodi? Many shuls seems to have confusion on the matter.

Reciting Borei Nefashot on Food When One Will Still Drink

When I eat a fruit and drink, if I finish the fruit but will continue drinking for quite a while, when should I recite Borei Nefashot? If I do it after finishing the fruit, should I make a new beracha on the drink?

Use of Informal Sefira Counting to Solve Problems

If one answers an inquiry about what day of the omer it is and does not count again that day, may he count the next day with a beracha? If yes, an onen (before funeral of close relative, who does not perform mitzvot) for a full day of sefira should be able to simulate such a statement and be allowed to continue with a beracha the next day.

Washing Hands after Leaving a Hospital

When visiting a hospital, I saw a kohen alert sign. Upon leaving, should I have done netilat yadayim due to exposure to tumah?

How to Time Vatikin?

When minyanim closed, I started davening vatikin (starting Shemoneh Esrei (=SE) at hanetz hachama (sunrise=netz)). If I do not know precisely when netz is, is it better to err on the side of starting SE before or after netz?

Kriat HaTorah in the Shadow of Corona

When minyanim are taking place with the permission of health authorities under social distancing rules, what should be done to separate functionaries?

Consequence of Removal of Sleeve from under Tefillin

When after fastening the tefillin shel yad, I find part of my sleeve under the tefillin and pull it away, must I refasten the tefillin due to the rule of taaseh vlo min haasuy (=tvlmh mitzva-related actions must be performed directly)? In this case, the placement of the tefillin becomes proper not by fastening them but by removing something else!

Key Accessibility for Non-Jew Who Buys Chametz

Mechirat chametz forms ask me to identify someone with access to our key to the chametzs location if we are away. Is this necessary considering the non-Jew never comes to get the chametz?

Siyum for Taanit Bechorot Via Live Streaming

On Erev Pesach, I will be in a small Jewish community that will not have a siyum. Is it permitted for me a bechor to break the taanit bechorot based on a siyum in which I participate via Skype?
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