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Alerting People to Stand

At our minyan, we take a sefer Torah from a beit midrash in which people are learning and return it to there. Sometimes when we return the sefer Torah, someone bangs so that everyone will stand up for it. Is this necessary?

Extended Purim Seuda

My family likes to have the Purim seuda toward the end of the day, and then we eat well into the night. What are the halachic implications (if any)?

Davening Late with a Minyan

I went for Shabbat for a family simcha to a community with one shul, which started tefilla at 10:00 AM, after sof zman tefilla. Was it better to daven with a minyan or by myself at the right time?

Moving Kugel into a Cholent Pot Revisited

May I take a potato kugel that was on a hot plate on Shabbat and put it into a cholent that is in a crock pot?

Is Partial Compliance to Choshen Mishpat Helpful?

If a court case is being tried in the secular court system in Israel (against Halacha), is there an advantage if some laws of Choshen Mishpat (section of Shulchan Aruch dealing with monetary law) are followed, or is it all-or-nothing? [Upon inquiry as to what specifically the querier was referring to, he mentioned a matter of public interest. We fielded that matter privately; publicly, we will discuss the principle.]

Trying on Tefillin at Night

May one try on tefillin at night, or does that fall under the category of not putting on tefillin at night?

Restrictions on a Former Employee

A long-time rebbe at Yeshiva A left his job and now teaches at Yeshiva B, which caters to a similar population. May he approach Yeshiva A alumni, with whom he developed a relationship at Yeshiva A for assistance (money, ideas) in promoting his work at Yeshiva B? May he raise money for an NPO he formed personally? Do note that the rebbe had been unwilling to raise money for Yeshiva A when he worked for them. (The question is not intended to be used in deciding a dispute between the sides.)

Making Up a Skipped Beracha during Shemoneh Esrei

After Kedusha of chazarat hashatz, the chazan went to Rei vonyeinu instead of Ata chonen and finished the beracha before people succeeded to correct him. He went back to Ata chonen. When he got up to Rei voyneinu, he did not recite it, reasoning that it was incorrect to repeat it. Was he correct, and why?

Davening in Front of a Mirror

Is the prohibition against davening in front of a mirror or reflective glass a chumra or a serious halacha?

Sefarim under Seats

In our shul, the seats have drawers underneath them to store chumashim, siddurim, etc. Thus, we sit over these books. Is that allowed?
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