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Excluding a Son from Inheritance

Are there sins that would cause a son to automatically lose his share? If a father is angry at a son, is he allowed to use a device to disinherit him?

Buying a House with a Hidden Treasure

My student asked me the following. Shimon buys a house from Reuven at a normal price even though he knows (and Reuven does not) that there are many gold coins hidden in the attic walls. Is the sale valid? Why/Why not?

Electronic Communication before Davening

Is it permitted to email, WhatsApp, and use social media before davening?

Kriat Shema in a Whisper

As a speech therapist, I was wondering whether Kriat Shema can be done in a whisper. In a whisper, the z sound is produced as an s and the v sound is produced as a f (and all voiced sounds become devoiced). Scientifically, this is because the vocal chords do not vibrate when whispering. Doesnt one need vocalize to truly produce a zayin, vav, or any voiced sound, when saying Shema?

Who Lights Shabbat Candles Father or Daughter?

The last time my wife was away for Shabbat, my oldest daughter (under bat mitzva) wanted to light Shabbat candles instead of me. Can a minor daughter do so, and does she have precedence over me?

Trips during the Nine Days

I run a camp for children under bar mitzva during a period that includes the Nine Days. We usually take them on trips off campus once a week. Is it permitted to do so during the Nine Days?

Toveling which Utensil First

I made a beracha before toveling several utensils, primarily glass, which I started with. Then I noticed that one of the utensils was metal. Since toveling metal is a Torah obligation and for glass it is Rabbinic, could the beracha on the glass utensil count for metal? Should I have made another beracha on the metal utensil?

Engagement Parties during the Three Weeks

Is it permitted to make an engagement party during the Three Weeks (i.e., before Rosh Chodesh Av)?

Accidentally Staying on the Bus Longer than Envisioned

What is the Halacha in the following scenario? I am on an intercity bus, in which the price depends on how far you go. I fall asleep and miss my stop. Should I go to the driver to pay for the additional distance I will end up going?

Fulfilling Kiddush from One Who Did Not Eat

If the person making Kiddush in shul does not eat after Kiddush, is his Kiddush valid?
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