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Guide to Garden Maintenance on and Leading Up to Shmita


Unit 1

Why is it important to discuss why we keep Shmita?

Must the land rest on Shmita?


Unit 2

Tosefet Shviit are Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Yishmael talking about the same thing

What is Tosefet Shviit, and how does that affect whether transgressing it is punishable

Resolving the nature of Tosefet Shviit

Is there Tosefet Shviit at the end of Shmita as well?


Unit 3

Why can't we plant trees in the month before Shmita

Planting trees the month before Shmita Rambam's opinion

Can flowers and barren trees be planted right before Shmita

Preparing for Shmita - A Practical Guide

Plowing and Planting pre Shmita

Defining the Restrictions Pre Shmita

How does cancelation of 'Tosefet Shvi'it' inform us about why we learn Torah?


Unit 4

Did Eretz Israel lose its Kedusha

The significance of tribal representation in keeping Yovel

Do the Gmaras indicate if Shmita is De'Oraita

Rashi's academic reading of the Shmita Deoraita question

Does Rava agree that Shmita is Derabanan nowadays

Some Rishonim say we do not need to keep Shmita at all nowadays!

Does Ezra's swearing to keep Shmita affect out obligation?

Rambam's opinion is there Shmita nowadays

Beit Yosef and Kesef Mishne argue whether the Rambam says Shmita is De'Oraita nowadays

Is Shmita De'oraita, or many more options - an overview


Unit 5

Chazal's interesting expansion of prohibitions on Shmita

Where the Torah told Chazal to invent exapansions to the prohibitions of Shmita

Is any gardening that doesn't actively promote growth allowed on Shmita

Keeping plants alive is fundamentally part of Shmita, not opposed to it

Saving the fruit during Shmita

Keeping the garden nice during Shmita


Unit 6

Psik Reisha on Shmita

"Shinui" as it applies to Shmita

The subtle world of Pruning on Shmita

Plowing on and through Shmita!

Watering Plants on Shmita


Unit 7

How can we eat Shmita fruit if we are not allowed to pick it?

Rambam on Shmita: Pick Your Fair Share!

Rash on Shmita: We Will Turn a Blind Eye from Picking Be'Shinui

Rashi: We Won't Disqualify Your Fruit for Keeping It From Us

Ramban: Chazal disqualified fruit that was not put to public use on Shmita

Rabenu Tam: If the Shmita fruit is guarded or collected normally it is disqualified

Bottom line how can fruit be picked on Shmita


Unit 8

Is there a Mitzvah to eat Shmita fruit

How much Shmita fruit are you allowed to harm

Must we eat rotting fruit on Shmita

Utilizing Shmita fruit the prevalent use

What prevalent use of Shmita fruit is allowed

Wasting the Shmita ness of the fruit

Disqualifying Shmita fruit from certain segments of society


Unit 9

Alternative uses of Shmita fruit - background

Why is it vital to destroy as you enjoy the Shmita fruit

Why is it vital to destroy as you enjoy the Shmita fruit

Why is it vital to destroy as you enjoy the Shmita fruit


Unit 10

Holy Shmita Peels and Pits

Sifting Holy Shmita Flour

Shmita Animal Food for non-existent animlas

Eating Shmita fruit out of the garbage? and the Shmita bin

Shmita Fruit Dilution

Unit 11

Are the fields themselves hefker on Shmita

Is Shmita fruit automatically hefker irrefutable proof for both positions from the same source?

Is Shmita fruit automatically hefker - Rambam's take

Maasrot on Shmita?

Is fruit that may have not grown on shmita hefker?

Gratitude for eating Shmita fruit?


Unit 12

Selling Shmita fruit to buy sushi?

Can I sell just a bit of Shmita Fruit?

May I buy Shmita fruit?

Shmita money that's part of a larger sale

Buying Shmita fruit on credit


Unit 13

Why does selling Shmita fruit not affect its Kedusha

Why does selling Shmita fruit make what is given in exchange holy?

Trading Shmita money without trasfer of Kdusha

Paying for services with Shmita money

Trading Shmita fruit picked by Goyim

Feeding Goyim Shmita fruit





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