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Playing Darts on Shabbat

Can we play darts on Shabbat? (Additional information requested the darts are classic ones that pierce the boards surface; the board hangs loosely from a nail in the wall; in between uses, the darts often stay on the board.)

Changes in Tefilla for those Visiting Israel?

I hope to visit Israel this summer. Should I say morid hatal in Shemoneh Esrei like Israelis, and should I continue to say Baruch Hashem Lolam (=BHLO) at Maariv?

Homeopathic Remedies on Shabbat

Is it permitted to ingest homeopathic remedies on Shabbat?

The Transition From Shabbat Into Tisha BAv

Could you please explain how to handle the transition from Shabbat into Tisha BAv (when it falls on Motzaei Shabbat) regarding seuda shlishit, Havdala, and changing clothes?

Learning in a Cemetery

I work in a cemetery on upkeep in the area of the graves. May I listen to Torah shiurim with earphones on site?

How Many Challot to Take Home?

My neighbor works in a bakery, and when they have a lot of unsold challot, he often takes home dozens of them and encourages people at Maariv of Shabbat to come take as many as possible. I took what I thought I might use but not what I knew would go straight into the freezer because I thought it was hachana (preparation for after Shabbat). Is that correct?

When to Top the Bagel?

At a brit, I said Hamotzi on a bagel, and after taking a bite, put on cream cheese and lox. A friend corrected me, claiming that Halacha requires that the first bite, which connects to the beracha, should be done when it is in its optimal form, so that after the beracha, one should cut open the bagel, put on the toppings, and then eat. Could that be?

Birkat Kohanim by Non-Kohanim

Is it clear that a non-kohen (=zar) may bless his children or others with the blessings of Birkat Kohanim (=BK)?

The Logic Behind Marit Ayin

I dont see consistency in how marit ayin is applied. There are cases that are forbidden where the likelihood of mistake seems remote, while cases I view as more problematic are permitted. Can you explain why that is?

Throwing Out Leftovers

It pains me to throw out leftovers. Often, after a few days, it is clear that no one will eat any more (although they are still edible), and my family wants me to throw them out. We asked a rabbi, who told us to put them in a bag
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