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Hagomel for One Who Became Bar Mitzva after Flight

Our family will be going to Israel for our sons bar mitzva. We will arrive a few hours before he becomes halachically bar mitzva, and the next morning, he will get his aliya. Should he recite Hagomel after his aliya?

Giving Away Orla Fruit

I have a tree in its second year, so that its fruit is orla. Can I suggest to my non-Jewish worker to take it?

Men Lighting Early in Yerushalayim

Should single men in Yerushalayim light 40 minutes before sunset like women do?

A Harmless Lie?

Kids in camp often ask counselors when color war will be, and they often respond that they dont know, when they actually do. Does this violate the prohibition of

Challenge with Monetary Prize

As fun motivation, several friends are pooling 180 NIS each, which we will give to the one who raises the most money for our shul. Is this forbidden gambling?

Women Doing Work on Chanuka

Is the minhag of some women to curtail work on Chanuka binding? When exactly does it apply, and what type of work is included?

Taking Medicine to Facilitate Mitzvot

[This is my question.] Last Friday, I developed minor nasal issues, resembling my allergies, but uncommon for me in the fall. I woke up at night, sneezing. I reasoned that if I am not sure it is allergies, I should stay home until I can rule out Covid (even though I am fully vaccinated and was without other symptoms). I would miss shul and have a problem with scheduled guests (disinvite? stay in my room?). I figured that if I take my allergy medicine and wake up symptom-free, I can assume it was allergies. Was I permitted to take it (nasal spray) on Shabbat?

Tevila of Something that Turns into a Meal Utensil

I received an ornamental honey dispenser and glass plate. I want to use the plate every Shabbat to hold challa rolls for lechem mishneh. Does it require tevilat keilim, assuming that it was made by a non-Jew(ish company)?

When to Attend a Levaya

It is difficult for me (a part-time working woman with school-age children) to know when to attend a levaya (lit., accompanying the deceased) of people I know but am not close with. Can you give me guidelines?

Is a Difficult to Remove Residue a Chatzitza?

I learned that due to the way we use our oven rack, it requires tevila (beyond our scope), but by now, it has baked-on residue. With hard work and chemical cleaners, I removed most of the residue, but it is not fully clean. May I do tevilat keilim now?
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