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Is a Difficult to Remove Residue a Chatzitza?

I learned that due to the way we use our oven rack, it requires tevila (beyond our scope), but by now, it has baked-on residue. With hard work and chemical cleaners, I removed most of the residue, but it is not fully clean. May I do tevilat keilim now?

Breaking a Plate with a Religious Text

A friend made an artistic plate to break at my daughters engagement party. The pasuk, ahavat olam tavi lahem (bring them eternal love) is written on it. May we break such a plate?

A Renter Having a Zecher Lchurban

The house I am renting does not have an unpainted segment of wall as a zecher lachurban (a remembrance that the Beit Hamikdash has been destroyed). Should I make one?

Chalaka (Upsherin) on Chol Hamoed

My familys custom is to first cut a childs hair on his third birthday. Our grandson was born on Chol Hamoed Sukkot. The other set of grandparents live in chutz laaretz and will be visiting for Sukkot, without time for a chalaka before or after chag. May we do the hair cutting on Chol Hamoed?

Measuring the Amount One Can Eat/Drink

I will need to drink on Yom Kippur in shiurim (small amounts at a time to lower the violation). Should I prepare the portions of liquid beforehand in order to not have to measure on Yom Kippur?

Buying Land for Shemitta

A group provides the opportunity to buy agricultural land in Israel for the Shemitta year. Is that worthwhile?

Air Conditioner Drain Pipe during Shemitta

In preparation for the upcoming Shemitta year, should I reroute my air conditioner drain pipe so that it does not drip in an area around vegetation?

Playing Darts on Shabbat

Can we play darts on Shabbat? (Additional information requested the darts are classic ones that pierce the boards surface; the board hangs loosely from a nail in the wall; in between uses, the darts often stay on the board.)

Changes in Tefilla for those Visiting Israel?

I hope to visit Israel this summer. Should I say morid hatal in Shemoneh Esrei like Israelis, and should I continue to say Baruch Hashem Lolam (=BHLO) at Maariv?

Homeopathic Remedies on Shabbat

Is it permitted to ingest homeopathic remedies on Shabbat?
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