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Shaming one who does not vaccinate

Shalom Eretz Chemda, Is it permitted to publicly shame those that do not vaccinate their children and put other people in the community at risk in order to get them to vaccinate? Thank you very much Please dont print my name.

Muktzeh during Bein Hashemashot

May one violate muktzeh during bein hashemashot (=bhs; the time between sunset and nightfall treated as a doubt of day or night) based on the rule of sefika drabbanan lkula (we are lenient in cases of doubt of a Rabbinic prohibition) even without a mitzva need. If not, why?

Greeting before Davening

The Mishna Berura rules that one may not go over to his friends place in shul before davening. As the shuls rabbi, is there a heter for me to go over to a new congregant to make him feel welcome and comfortable with our tefilla?

Do the Chatan and Kalla Need to Eat at Sheva Berachot?

Must the chatan and kalla eat (bread) at Sheva Berachot (upper case for the week and the meal; lower case for the berachot recited) in order to recite the berachot? (Sometimes one does not feel well and eats little or nothing.)

Announcements before Shemoneh Esrei of Maariv

I thought that at Maariv of Rosh Chodesh (or other times there is something new to say), the gabbai calls out Yaaleh VYavo (=YVY) before Shemoneh Esrei. But in many shuls, someone just bangs. Which way is correct?

Bar Metzra

I want to soon sell my semi-detached house, which, as is common, is officially owned by the Jewish Agency and rented by me. Do the halachot of giving precedence to buy to adjacent property owners (bar metzra) apply in my case? If yes: does the owner of the other half of my building take precedence over the neighbor from an adjacent building? Do I have to allow my neighbors bargain with me? If they decline at my asking price and someone else bargains me down, do I have to return to the neighbors with that price?

When my family has seuda shlishit before shekia (sunset), I join them. The amount I eat varies, but I do not like to have a full meal with bread. May

When my family has seuda shlishit before shekia (sunset), I join them. The amount I eat varies, but I do not like to have a full meal with bread. May I continue eating after shekia?

Walking in Israel

What are the parameters of the idea that every 4 amot one walks in Eretz Yisrael is a mitzva? Is it only to new places? Does one have to walk on foot?

The Nature of the Fulfillment of the Mitzva of Mezuza

I will be moving into a home that already has mezuzot. If I just leave them there, do I fulfill the mitzva of mezuza, or must I remove and/or replace them? In general, when/how does one fulfill the mitzva: by affixing them, by having them in the house, by kissing them, or by thinking about them?

Tying Up the Arba Minim on Yom Tov

Last year, I forgot to prepare the arbaa minim before Yom Tov and just put them in the koysheklach without tying anything. If this happens again, what can and should I do to prepare them on Yom Tov?
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