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Kabbalat Shabbat of Part of the Community

My community has a small minyan for Kabbalat Shabbat that accepts Shabbat early, and no second minyan (there is a larger minyan for the rest of Shabbat). Must I accept Shabbat at the time the early minyan does, which is sometimes difficult for me?

Stopping Kohen Before Second Aliya

The gabbai did not realize that a levi was present in shul and called on the kohen to have a second aliya. As the kohen was about to start, the levi made his presence known. Was the levi supposed to replace the kohen in that case?

Paying for Job One Thought Was Free

My childs friend (under bar mitzva) has joined my son in helping me with various chores and projects. He has asked many times if I will pay him and I say, No. I have never demanded him to help, although I appreciate it. Now he has come to me with the claim that I owe him money for all he has done. Could he have a halachic right, or may I just brush it off?

Nichum Aveilim by Phone and by Email

If it is difficult for me to do nichum aveilim in person, may I do it by phone or by email, and is one better than the other?

Berachot on Snacks and Drinks Throughout a House

When I am home for extended periods, I take snacks and drinks on no particular schedule, and I move from room to room and floor to floor. A similar situation exists at work, where I am based in one office but also go to other rooms. Should I make berachot each time I eat or drink?

Respect for the Elderly

Is one required to give special respect to an individual between 60 and 70 years old? I remember that one stands up only for those over 70.

Use of a Fat Separator on Shabbat

Is it permitted to use a fat separator on Shabbat?

Missing the Beginning of Havdala

This week, I did not hear the beracha of Borei Pri Hagafen during Havdala. Was I required to hear Havdala again?

Baomer or Laomer?

Which is the correct version of counting the omer yamim laomer or yamim baomer? Is there a content difference or only a grammatical one between them?

Maaser Kesafim from Proceeds of a Damage Suit Settlement

I was injured in a car accident a few years. I had and will have large, related medical expenses. I just received a large damages payment. Should I give maaser kesafim from it?
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