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Missing the Beginning of Havdala

This week, I did not hear the beracha of Borei Pri Hagafen during Havdala. Was I required to hear Havdala again?

Baomer or Laomer?

Which is the correct version of counting the omer yamim laomer or yamim baomer? Is there a content difference or only a grammatical one between them?

Maaser Kesafim from Proceeds of a Damage Suit Settlement

I was injured in a car accident a few years. I had and will have large, related medical expenses. I just received a large damages payment. Should I give maaser kesafim from it?

Doing Kaddish After Lacking Full Participation

Can the final Kaddish DRabbanan at the end of tefilla be said when there is a minyan only when counting people who are not reciting Pitum Haketoret (e.g., busy taking off their tefillin)? Also, is it proper for one to say Kaddish D'Rabbanan or Kaddish Yatom along with others in shul when they did not participate in the learning session or tefilla after which the Kaddish is being said?

Language in Which to Recite the Haggada

At our seder, there will be a wide range in Hebrew proficiency and understanding of the Haggadas texts. What language should we use to read the Haggada?

Effect of Wrong Type of Bitul Chametz

What are the consequences if, after bedikat chametz, one recited the daytime bitul chametz?

Paying Earlier than the Payment Plan Prescribed

My company pays suppliers with payment plans we work out in advance with each one. Occasionally, a supplier calls with a request that we pay earlier than already agreed in exchange for a cash purchase discount we work out. (By cash, we include checks and debit cards the point is that payment is not delayed). Is this like a regular permitted business discount, which is permitted, or is this discount a case of ribbit?

Dividing Megillat Esther Among Readers

Is it proper to divide the reading of Megillat Esther among multiple baalei kriah?

Ribbit in a Loan from an Irrevocable Trust Fund

My father set up an irrevocable trust fund with my three sisters, brother, and I as beneficiaries. A specialized company (probably not Jewish, although our trust is handled by Jews) serves as trustee. I borrowed money interest-free from the fund to buy a house, but it is unlikely I will have to return the loan, as what I received will probably end up counting as most of the money coming to me. I want to turn the loan into interest paying, so that I will, for the sake of my siblings part, compensate the fund for the missing appreciation because I took the money. Is this a violation of ribbit? If so, may I use a heter iska to make it permitted, and with whom would I do it?

Husband Accepting Shabbat with his Wife

My wife generally lights candles 15 minutes before sunset, in keeping with our communitys practice. I generally cease melacha then, as do she and our two little children. Sometimes, due to work, I can make it home only by sunset, not candle lighting time. May my wife light at the usual time or should she wait for me? I am afraid that my small children, who are used to my not doing melacha after my wife lights, will be confused.
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