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“Baruch Hu U’varuch Shemo” in Zimun

It is unclear to me whether one is supposed to say “Baruch hu u’varuch shemo” at the end of zimun and if so, who is supposed to recite it. What is proper?

Automatic Commerce in Cryptocurrency on Shabbat

I joined a “stock exchange” for crypto coins, in which I can buy and sell, and have a linked service that enables me to create “bots” to find and carry out deals 24/7, according to parameters I set. If I do not shut it off for Shabbat (which is easy), it will almost certainly find profitable trades. May I let the bots run on Shabbat?

Adding Salt to Hot Food on Shabbat

In our home, the health concerns of some and the taste concerns of others clash in regard to salt in our food. If I cook with less salt, may people add salt to their soup or cholent on Shabbat?

Giving Ma’aser Years Later

Over the years, I have received cash gifts for birthdays, bar mitzva, etc. and never gave ma’aser kesafim (=mk) from them. I would like to do so now but do not remember the exact amounts I received. What should I do?

“Hineni Muchan U’mezuman” before Sefirat Ha’omer

I am not consistent about saying “Hineni muchan u’mezuman” (=hmum) before sefirat ha’omer. Should I decide one way or the other, and which way is better?

Accidentally Paying Back Early

Recently, the Citigroup “bank” mistakenly paid some $900 mil. to Revlon’s creditors before the loans were due. A few big creditors refused to return the money. A court ruled that since the creditors took the money (they were owed) in good faith, they need not return it. Citigroup cannot demand the money from Revlon and will be paid by Revlon when the loans are due. Would the halachic ruling be the same?

Dealing with Late Payments and Ribbit

I, a lawyer, often need to write a contract with a clause for extra payment if the buyer pays late. How can I do this without making the client violate ribbit (usury)?

White Wine for the Seder

Is it permissible to use white wine for the arba kosot (four cups at the Seder)?

Erev Pesach that Falls on Shabbat

What do you suggest we do on Erev Pesach this year, which is on Shabbat, regarding when and what to eat?

Adding a Shabbat Candle after Forgetting

I am a man living alone. Last week, I forgot to light Shabbat candles. Must I light an extra one from now on?
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