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In the year 5747 (1987), Eretz Hemdah was established to prepare judges and spiritual leaders for the national-religious community in Israel and abroad. There was a need for leaders who combined great Torah expertise together with a strong Zionistic background, a combination which was not easily found in the country at that time.

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Eretz Hemdah's News

Guide to Garden Maintenance on and Leading Up to Shmita



Yom Iyun in memory of Harav Shaul Yisraeli zt"l on Shmitta Laws

The public is invited to a Yom Iyun in Hebrew on Shmitta Laws

with emphasis on the social aspect

marking the 26th Yahrzeit of Harav Shaul Yisraeli zt"l.



Living the Halachic Process I - VI

A selection of answers to questions from our Ask the Rabbi project in English.
A companion CD containing source sheets is also available.

Responsa B'mareh Habazak, Volumes 1 - 9

Answers to questions from Diaspora rabbis. The questions give expression to the unique situation that Jewish communities around the world are presently undergoing. The answers deal with a developing modern world in the way of “deracheha, darchei noam”. The books deal with the four sections of the Shulchan Aruch, while aiming to also take into consideration the “fifth section” which makes the Torah a “Torah of life”.
Service of Halachic advice for rabbis and dayanim of communities around the world.

new - Responsa B'mareh Habazak Deluxe Edition

Eretz Hemdah's shiurim in English via Zoom

COVID-19 and Danger - a halakhic perspective

Dayanut Program for Rabbis in North America

leading to semicha

Yadin-Yadin for the Diaspora


The Montefiore Endowment, in association with Eretz Hemdah and the RCA, is reopening its Dayanut program for applications from rabbis in North America.  It is a part-time course, lasting for five-six years, and is intended for well-qualified rabbis jointly selected by these institutions on the topics of Marriage (Ishut and Kiddushin), Divorce (Gittin) and Conversions (Giyur).


Manhigut Toranit


Ask The Rabbi

Do not hesitate to ask any question about Jewish life, Jewish tradition or Jewish law!

Online Beit Midrash

You are invited to enjoy our online beit midrash and library.
(please note that most of the books and shiurim are in Hebrew)


An honest, competent, sensitive Monetary Beit Din by Eretz Hemdah
Zion shall be redeemed with judgement and those that retum to her with righteousness...


We invite you to listen to Rav Carmel's shiur on the topic:

From Titus of Rome to Balfour of Britain: 100 Years Since a Declaration of Biblical Proportions


Videos on Eretz Hemdahs website

Al homotayich Yerushalayim - speeches of Maran HaGaon Harav Shaul Israeli ztl at Yom Yerushalayim assemblies

Videos on Eretz Hemdahs website

Residents of K’far Ha’Roeh speak of Rav Israeli

Videos on Eretz Hemdahs website

Rav Yosef Carmel speaks on “Redeeming Captives in Our Days

To contact the network of Batei Din Eretz Hemdah Gazit

please call 077-2158215

60 Seconds

Give us 60 seconds, we'll give you the Parasha!
Listen to a one minute idea
in Hebrew on this weeks
parasha. Updated daily!


Hemdat Yamim

A weekly divrei Torah leaflet: A Glimpse at the Parasha, Ask the Rabbi, From the writings of Harav Avraham Yitzchak Hakohen Kook, ztl, Pninat Mishpat (Jewish Monetary Law).

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