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Shabbat Parashat Ki Tavo| 5764

Eretz Hemdah Update

 Our parasha contains a section of curses for those who violate a variety of different, negative commandments. But the final curse is reserved for one who refrains from doing the right thing, which is to “establish the words of the Torah to do them” (Devarim 27: 26). Many explanations are given for the exact meaning of this phrase. The Ramban brings an explanation that it refers to those who have the ability to strengthen the words of Torah within the public through acts of leadership and do not do what is expected of them.
 We certainly wish well, not Heaven forbid curses, for all of our brothers and sisters, leaders and non-leaders alike, and hope that all are successful in doing that which is right for them, according to their capabilities and circumstances. But we do see from here the great value the Torah places on Torah leadership. It is, thus, with great joy and pride that we wish the most complete beracha and success possible to our recent graduates who have just taken up posts spreading Torah and its values in a variety of different locations and settings. What unites them all is that they have spent many years (the last seven, at Eretz Hemdah) filling themselves with Torah knowledge, skills and values. We are confident that these precious attainments will enable them to have a positive impact in their present and future endeavors.
The following are the names and positions of our recent graduates:
Harav Gadi Eldad – Ram in Beit Midrash for Rabbanim of the Italian Jewish Community
Harav Amotz Cohen – Rosh Kollel in Kfar Darom
Harav Eliyahu Shachor - Ram in the Yeshiva Gevoha in Elon Moreh
Harav Rami Sar Shalom - Rosh Kollel in Pisgat Zeev
We also want to take this opportunity to wish beracha v’hatzlacha to our incoming class.
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